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Every second of every day, we’re helping people connect to the music, games and video they need to see. Mondia Media’s range of cutting edge products helps global brands like Vodafone, Universal and Samsung offer a comprehensive and fully bespoke service.

Unlimited Games
TOPs curated music playlists
Music shop
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Unlimited Games

Mondia Media manages the entire solution, from content platform and front-ends to content licensing and storefront management.  We offer a white label solution for telcos, OEMS and brands, that can be customized according to your brand and with the desired content.

Our games subscription includes games for any type of device. No matter which device, Android, iOS or Windows, there is always an offer available.  We include in our offer Premium, Freemium and HTML5 browser games, which are shown according to the device and operating system limitations. Our customers can access the games through our mobile web shop for all devices and through an app for Android devices.

Unlimited Games and your brand

It’s not all just fun and games though. With our mobile games solution, you can achieve several business goals:

  • Increase revenues with the games subscriptions
  • Differentiate in the market with an attractive entertainment offer
  • Offer value for money to your Youth segment, with positive impact on customer satisfaction

Gaming highlights

Value proposition: Our customers enjoy access to thousands of top game titles for only a small subscription fee.

Device coverage: We reach out to all users with our extensive games offer of Premium, Freemium and HTML5 browser games, and enable to access it through mobile web shop on any device or app on Android devices.

Extensive content catalogue:  With our catalogue of over + 2,000 games, we provide games for all segments (Kids, Teens, Youth) and for any taste (from casual to strategy and adventure games).

User experience:  Our games shop enables users to discover easily games and to find out the latest and best games for them through recommendations and curated lists of games.

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TOPs curated music playlists
Music without hassle

Our curated playlists are perfect for the casual listener who just wants to sit back, relax and let the tunes flow with in-depth personalisation and recommendation functionality. From there, it’s easy to build custom playlists from their favourite tip-offs.

Updated weekly, driven by a powerful interface and engaging design, these playlists enable users to discover worlds of new music and store their favourites to enjoy offline.

We believe music should be accessible, fresh and relevant. To make that a reality, we help you hook customers up with the music they want to hear, before they even hear it.

Curated music and your brand

Customers will love having the latest tunes served up on a plate, but there’s so much more. Curating music for eager listeners can help you hit all the right notes:

  • Get social and boost engagement with push notifications.
  • Expand your offering to acquire new customers and reach untapped markets.
  • Give customers a reason to stay with you and up your ARPU.

Curated music highlights

Stay up-to-date: Our curated playlists can be updated weekly, or monthly if you prefer, to make sure you offer customers the latest from our extensive catalogue.

Powerful, customisable interface: Our intuitive UI is easy to use and can be customised to match your brand’s design for a fully immersive experience.

Listen offline: Users cut down on bandwidth use by caching their favourite tracks to their device to listen later.

Broad compatibility: Functions seamlessly on iOS, Android and Apple Watch.

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Music shop
Own an endless world of inspiring music

Would your customers prefer to own their music rather than just streaming it? With our music shop, listeners can search our huge catalogue of tracks and albums, pre-listen and download them to keep in seconds.

Allowing users to download music helps you provide a full offering that satisfies all audiences. Mondia Media works directly with labels and content providers, establishing relationships which ensure you can always offer the latest, greatest tracks.

Our music shop and your brand

Downloading a world of tunes to keep and enjoy will be music to your customers’ ears. But what about your own goals? A music download option lets you achieve a whole range of objectives:

  • Expand your offering and boost ARPU by giving people more.
  • Maximise engagement with social functions and push notifications.
  • Giving listeners something new means greater retention and more reach.

Music shop highlights

Explore new worlds: Our catalogue of music is huge and it’s growing every day as we license new music. You’re guaranteed to find the music you want.

Effortless interaction: Our flexible, optimised UI puts no obstacles between listeners and their music, making it easy to search, sample and download tracks.

End-to-end service: From licensing to label relations and subscriber lifecycle management, we can fill any gap in your offering, letting you provide the total music package.

Full compatibility: We make sure people can find and download their music across a broad range of Android, iOS and desktop devices.

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Whitestripes music streaming
The right tunes for every occasion

Our music shop is an end-to-end full service solution for brands who want to offer their customers an easy and comprehensive music streaming option, with the chance to build their own playlists for any and every occasion.

With millions of songs and albums already in our catalogue and more being added every day, you can trust we have content management, campaigns and releases handled. That lets you get on with custom-building the perfect streaming platform for your customers.

Music streaming and your brand

Music fans love having their favourite tracks on-demand, but what about you? Worry not; putting music streaming into your toolkit lets you reach your goals faster:

  • Social functions and push notifications helps turbocharge engagement.
  • A greater offering means more reasons for customers to stick with you and a juicier ARPU.
  • Reach out to new audiences and keep your existing users happy with a shiny new product.

Music streaming highlights

Endless discovery: Users can explore our vast, growing catalogue of the latest hits and all-time classics. Advanced algorithms help suggest the right music for each moment.

A flexible, optimised UI: We put a great user experience at the heart of what we do. Our optimised user flow lets them quickly find the music they need to fit the occasion.

Total storefront management: We manage all aspects of the licensing and label relations process, allowing you to focus on promoting a great service to your customers.

Wide compatibility: Let users make beautiful music on Android, iOS and desktop devices.

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Video LIte
Video for everyone, everywhere.

Whether viewers are in locations with limited internet access or areas where mobile coverage isn’t as extensive as premium markets, we provide a seamless user experience for everyone. Our Video Lite solution makes sure nobody gets left behind with dedicated streaming for those with reduced bandwidth capacity.

As well as providing a great direct streaming service, audiences can opt to download video overnight to enjoy the next day. It’s the best of both worlds.

Video Lite and your brand

Your customers will love having such easy access to the video they need, but this can be an eye-opener for your business too. Imagine what you can achieve with that magic on the screen:

  • A bigger offering for customers means lights, camera, action for your ARPU.
  • Help your audience connect with social functions and push notifications to drive engagement.
  • Retain customers and bring in new ones simply by giving them more!

Video Lite highlights

Extensive choice: Users can select from a huge, carefully curated library of videos to download, watch and enjoy every day.

Watch offline: Our fresh approach to online video distribution lets viewers store content to watch later, saving bandwidth and locking the video into the app to protect copyright.

Ease of use: Our powerful, design-led UI is intuitive and easy to use, viewers can dive right in and begin streaming video straight away.

Watch on any device: Video Lite is compatible with any iOS or Android mobile device, meaning nobody needs to miss out on their favourite shows or movies.

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